The best drinking games to play at camp during your next festival

festival drinking games
There’s nothing quite as magical as sitting outside your tent in a broken camping chair seeing off that eighth can.

Spice up your pre-drinks with the very best festival drinking games

If you’ve been to a festival in the UK before you’ll know that drinking at camp is an essential part of the entire experience. Playing festival drinking games are up there with some of the best times you’ll have whilst there.

You’ll have seen it before, huge groups of people with their very own beer pong tables, strobe lights and a speaker that you’re not quite sure how they got past security.

Well, thanks to our handy list of the best festival drinking games we’ll make sure your camp is the one that people look at with envy as they walk past.

Funtime PT7300 – Russian Roulette Gun

The Funtime PT7300 - Russian Roulette Gun will have you terrified and creasing with laughter at the same time

We’re ALL about the Funtime PT7300 Party Russian Roulette gun… For optimal chaos, gather your camp mates in a circle, fill the balloons with water and stick them into this little beauty.

Cock the gun, spin the chamber and pass it around… Each player takes a turn to pull the trigger and eventually it’ll burst one someone, covering them in water.

If the balloon doesn’t burst on you, take a drink, if it does drink anyway! You’ll certainly need it.

Original Cup – Beer Pong Table

Original Cup - Beer Pong Table is perfect for your festival camp

We get what you’re thinking, how the hell am I going to get a beer pong table into a festival? We’ve got you.

This lightweight, fold-up Original Cup – Beer Pong Table is arguably our favourite item on the list, because quite frankly, who doesn’t love playing on beer pong? Especially beer pong tables that can be broken down to the size of a briefcase and carried.

If you want to be the most popular people on camp then make this kick-ass beer pong table your main purchase.

Human Beer Pong

Don't want to fork out for a standard beer pong table? Then this Human Beer Pong set is perfect for festival drinking games.

If you don’t want to go all out and buy the beer pong table above, then why not go for the next best thing and throw balls at your mates with this Human Beer Pong table.

Inside the box you’ll find two inflatable beer pong cups that fit even the fattest of heads and a not to heavy ball that you must throw back and forth at eachother trying to get the into the cup.

If you’re gonna make this game messy we’d recommend filling the inflatable cups up with beer. It could end disastrously, but it’s a hell of a lot of fun.

Drop Shot – The Game

Drop Shot - The Game is ingenious and will bring a new dimension to your festival drinking games.

This is one of the most dangerous festival drinking games we’ve seen so far in terms how drunk you could potentially get… Drop Shot The Game is Russian roulette with shots.

The way you play is by rolling a dice to see how many times you have to turn the handle on the device. You stick your mouth at the end of a funnel and turn (There’s more than one mouthpiece don’t worry!).

Every so often the shot attached to the device will slam down and be funnelled into your mouth forcing you to drink it.

It sounds absolutely terrifying, has the real potential to get you absolutely hammered and quite frankly we LOVE it. Drop Shot – The Game is for us.

Don’t Get Got

Don't Get Got is the most creative game that isn't really a game we've ever come across! It'll have you paranoid, but having SO much fun.

If you like a game that gets you thinking than we’d highly recommend taking Don’t Get Got: A Secret Missions Party Game for The Mischief-Minded along with you to your next festival.

At the start of the game every player gets given a card which gives them six secret missions they must complete, without getting caught by the other players. This could be something like, steal and hide your mates beer why they’re not looking and don’t get caught.

Once you’ve completed a mission you can tick it off! Once you’ve completed three, you win! However if you’re caught it’s game over! The first to trick their camp mates by completing three missions will win!

This game is up there as one of our favourites because you don’t actively have to be playing the game to actually be playing. You could go about pre drinks normally whilst being sneaky and undergoing missions.

Bad People

Bad People is a card game that'll have you and your mates in tears of laughter.

Playing BAD PEOPLE – The Adult Party Game You Probably Shouldn’t Play with your camp mates could go one of either two ways… Fantastically hilarious, or downright terrible. We’d like to think the former!

This is one of the festival drinking games we’d recommend if you’re going to be sharing a camp with your close friends… It’s pretty simple, you pick a card and ask the question upon it such as “Whose funeral will have the smallest attendance” or “Who has done the most walks of shame”.

Players then silently vote for who they think is the person in the group that best matches the question and everyone takes it in turn to reveal their votes… If it matches the lead player known as the dictator you’re fine! If you get it wrong you drink… And of course the player that gets the most votes must drink too!

We’ve changed the rules a little bit to fit our own, get drunk agenda… This brutal game is WELL WORTH buying.

Ungfu Mall Electronic Shock Ball

The  Ungfu Mall Electronic Shock Ball is perfect for drinking games with your friends

Sometimes it’s the simplest things that do it for us… The Ungfu Mall Electronic Shock Ball is exactly that for us! This utterly terrifying ball gets passed around a circle and will eventually go off delivering a nasty electric shock to one unlucky player, simple as that!

We’d highly recommend not holding your drink whilst you’re playing this, otherwise not only are you going to get shocked, but you’re 100% going to spill and lose your drink.

It’s affordable, fun and the easiest game to play on the entire list.

Fizz Creations Beer Bong

The Fizz Creations Beer Bong is a perfect addition to festival drinking games.

It’s not really a drinking game, but let’s be honest the Fizz Creations Beer Bong is going to enhance any festival drinking games you play, so we thought we’d include it anyway.

Pulling out the beer bong will well and truly get any party started, and judging by the product reviews on this product, it’s going to well and truly get you a little bit lairy, you’d be mad not to invest!


This classic party game is the perfect game to introduce to your festival camp.

Odds are you’ve got Twister stuffed in cupboard somewhere at home… If not, why the hell haven’t you got it yet? If you can find a flat patch of grass in your camp and are lucky enough to have the space to set it up then get on it.

You may not have a realised it, but this classic party game was designed for messy pre-drinks in the sunshine before you head into the arena.

Look past the fact that this isn’t something you’d expect to see at a festival and get buying! We promise this will bring some life to your camp at your next festival.

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