Brian May rules out Queen Glastonbury appearance over Eavis badger culling stance

queen with Adam lambert
Michael Eavis and Queen guitarist Brian May have fallen out over badger culling
Farmer and Glastonbury Festival organiser Michael Eavis has always been in support of badger culling to control bovine TB.

May cites crimes against wildlife as reason for not playing Glastonbury Festival

One of the weirder headlines we’ll ever write… Brian May has once again re-affirmed that Queen will never play at Glastonbury Festival due to his public spat with festival creator Michael Eavis.

It’s no secret that the pair don’t see eye to eye and have clashed on several occasions, partly due to the fact that Eavis support badger culling, something animal-lover May staunchly opposes.

In an interview with Zoe Ball on BBC Radio 2 this morning (Friday October 25th) the Queen guitarist responded to question from a fan asking if they’d get to see Queen perform on the world famous Pyramid Stage next year.

His response, disappointingly was: “No we won’t – and there are lots of reasons. One of them is that Glastonbury co-creator Michael Eavis has frequently insulted me, and I don’t really particularly enjoy that. 

“What bothers me more is that he’s in favour of the badger cull, which I regard as a tragedy and an unnecessary crime against wildlife.

“So no. There’s a little bit of a schism there. I wouldn’t do Glastonbury unless things changed radically.”

Queen + Adam Lambert have formed the perfect partnership, seeing them at Glastonbury Festival would have been a real treat for fans.

Queen are not quite our thing states Eavis

Earlier this year in an interview, also with the BBC, Eavis told a reporter that they were close to seeing Queen headline Glastonbury, however they were “not quite our thing.”.

Later in the interview Eavis went on to state that Brian May himself was a “Danger to farming”... Not quite the description many would have expected for the legendary artist.

It seems that any hope of seeing Queen play at Glastonbury next year truly are dead and buried, however there is a very exciting list of potential Glastonbury Festival headliners on our site organised by bookies odds that’s well worth a read if you’ve got a moment!

Do you agree with Brian May for sticking to his morals and refusing to play due to Eavis’ views on badger culling? Let us know in the comments below.