The top 10 festival essentials you should pack for your next festival

Festival Empire’s ten MUST-BUY essential items you should pick up ahead of your next festival

The biggest question we see on forums and social media every single year is ‘What should I pack for a festival?‘ Our goal here at Festival Empire is to help festival-goers like yourselves prepare for an unforgettable experience with as little stress as possible, to do so you’re gonna need to pack a few festival essentials in your bag, right?

We wanted to give you a top 50 item list, but thought that might be a little excessive… So we’ve built THE definitive top 10 list, even if you only take a handful of the items in this article we think we’ll have done enough to seriously enhance your festival experience.

Get ready to write that shopping list, because we’re about to throw 10 of the hottest festival essentials at you, starting right now!

10) Yaheetech Steel Metal Hand Truck 

The Yaheetech Steel Metal Hand Truck is an essential buy if you're planning on heading to a large festival.

Trust us, if you’re planning on taking a lot to your next festival, especially crates of beer then we’d highly recommend taking a Yaheetech 4 Wheeled Utility Steel Metal Hand Truck Cart Trolley with Pneumatic Tire to help transport gear back and forth between the car and your campsite.

If you’re planning on heading to Glastonbury Festival or Download Festival then we genuinely mean it when we say a hand truck like this one with chunky durable wheels is a must due to the distance you’ll be walking.

Don’t cheap out when it comes buying a truck as inevitably a cheap truck will fall to pieces making your journeys even harder

9) Gnceei 25,000mAh portable charger

The Gnceei 25,000mAh portable charger can charge up to three devices at once.

This powerful Gnceei 25,000mAh portable charger should keep your phone alive for the entirety of your festival, an absolute shoe-in to make our list of festival essentials if you ask us.

The charger allows you to plug in up to three devices at a time so you’re bound to be the most popular person at camp, it comes with a smart LED screen that tells you how much juice the charger has left before it needs plugging in.

Not only that, but this charger also comes with a built in torch meaning you can easily light up your tent or navigate the campsite during night-time.

8) Peebol – The Pocket Sized Toilet

The Peebol is a great alternative to a dirty festival toilet and turns your pee into a gel immediately.

Some people just cannot hack the portable toilets at festivals, can we blame them? No, not at all! They can be absolutely grim, especially once you’ve gotten past day one of the festival.

The Peebol by SHEWEE – The Pocket Sized Toilet – Disposable Urinal Bag for Men, Women & Children – 3 Pack is designed to be usable by both males and females, however it doesn’t look like the easiest thing to use considering it’s essentially a freezer bag that you pee into… Sounds messy? Wrong! The Peebol turns your pee into a gel almost immediately meaning you can easily and safely dispose of it without any nasty spillage.

Costing only £6.50, the Peebol has 3 packs in it, which admittedly won’t last too long, but is a fantastic alternative if you really don’t want to use use the toilets near your tent.

7) Vanage foldable Pop up Gazebo

The Vanage foldable Pop up Gazebo is perfect for those looking to build the perfect festival camp

Is a camp truly a camp without a gazebo? This is one of those purchases we always recommend you buy as a group before heading off to a festival.

The Vanage foldable Pop up Gazebo “Stella” with Canopy is the perfect centrepiece for any camp, it’s incredibly easy to put up in no time at all, has two side walls shielding those underneath it from the elements and won’t fall apart as soon as the wind picks up like the cheap supermarket gazebos.

If you want to build the ultimate party camp, or perhaps you’re looking for a bit more privacy then this is the gazebo for you. At £79.99 down from £99.99, this is a steal if you’re planning to group together to buy this.

6) Sable Double Size Air Bed

We were conflicted as to whether to put an air bed in the top ten, partly because we’re converted to camp beds (They’re great!) but the Sable Double Size Air Bed is wonderful!

Packed in a handy well-sized storage bag this comfortable double bed comes with a built in high-powered pump so you won’t have to worry about lugging your own taking up essential bag space.

You can also get this bed in a twin size if you don’t want or have the space for a double. You might struggle to get up in the morning, but it’s WELL worth it, at £79.99 the price is justified if you’re planning on using it more than once.

5) Onyorhan 70L Travel Backpack

The Onyorhan 70L Travel Backpack will fit your tent and sleeping bag in, leaving plenty of space for other items.

This lightweight, durable backpack, initially developed for hikers is absolutely perfect for any festival. A healthy number of compartments make the onyorhan 70L Travel Backpack is ideal for keeping a tidy organised bag that won’t leave you emptying the entire contents just to get to one or two items stuck at the bottom.

Admittedly, the bag is a bit of a monster… It’s huge and can hold up to 70L which is a lot… But when you’re tracking to your campsite you’ll be much happier that you’ve got free hands to carry anything additional as odds are you’ll be able to get your tent AND sleeping bag inside this bad boy.

4) KeenFlex Mummy Sleeping Bag

The KeenFlex Mummy Sleeping bag is warm, cosy and won't let you down.

A good night’s sleep is imperative when it comes to festival living. Anyone that’s camped at a festival in the UK will know it can get absolutely freezing cold during the night, even during the summer months. That’s why getting the right sleeping bag is so important.

We’ve been stung by choosing the cheapest, no-thrills sleeping bag in the past and it’s not been a nice experience. So this year we tried and tested the KeenFlex Mummy Sleeping Bag and it delivered.

Comfortable, warm and lightweight this sleeping bag has everything you’d expect from quality sleeping bag. At £29.99 it’s affordable, you can find cheaper, but you’ll certainly regret it.

3) Siphly Inflatable Lounger

The Siphly inflatable lounger is our favourite comfortable campsite accessory.

Yeah, it’s all good and well chilling on your camping chair… But who needs a camping chair when you could have an entire air hammock! Be the envy of your camp with the wonderfully comfortable Siphly Inflatable Lounger.

The lounger is packed into a surprisingly small bag that won’t take too much vital bag space at all. Another handy feature we loved about this product is the two mesh pockets on each side.

At just £18.99 there’s absolutely no reason not to pick this up before you head off to your festival.

2) Pits and Bits Filthy Festival Wash Kit

The Pits and Bits Filthy Festival Wash Kit will have you smelling fantastic even after a day in the mud.

Let’s be honest, after several days of dancing in the mud, living off cans of warm Carlsberg and generally having the time of your life hygiene isn’t something that quite gets the attention that it should.

We discovered the Pits and Bits Filthy Festival Wash Kit and it changed everything, no losing your dignity emptying a bottle of water over yourself outside the tent. This ludicrously cheap kit contains body wash, shampoo and two packs of wipes.

Not only will you be stay clean and smell great, but the festival essential will only set you back £6.95 leaving you plenty of cash left over.

1) Coleman – Kobuk Valley 3 Plus blackout tent

The Kobuk Valley 3 is one of the best blackout tents you can buy for a festival
The Kobuk Valley 3 Plus Camping Tent makes unwanted early mornings a thing of the past.

A good blackout tent is the number one festival essential in our books. A blackout tent is the MUST-HAVE item, the number one festival essential in our eyes.

There’s nothing worse than waking up at 5am after a heavy night because the sunlight’s streaming into your tent, we can assure you that once you’ve gone black you’ll never go back.

We’d highly recommend the Coleman Kobuk Valley 3+ Camping Tent if you’re looking for something spacious and easy to put up in under thirty minutes. Fitting up to three people comfortably this slick tent will only set you back £114.99.

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